Fight for Caliban and the Emperor with the new expansion ‘Angels of Caliban’

The Dark Angels arrived to Horus Heresy: Legions on October 23rd, 2020! Read on to learn about them and the other new factions that are part of the ‘Angels of Caliban’ expansion.

It's a picture of a battle. There are big armoured Warhammer units wielding swords and firing their machine guns. On the left corner, a character is highlighted. He's Lion El'Jonson, the Dark Angel, looking straight at the camera and holding the sword.
On the centre top, over the picture, there's the logo of Horus Heresy: Legions. On the bottom corners, there are the Everguild and Warhammer Official Licensed Product logos.


The Dark Angels were the first of the Emperor’s Legions, and one of the most powerful and independent Legions at the time of the Horus Heresy. Remorseless and ruthlessly efficient, they made no compromises in the pursuit of their assigned duty.


The First Legion discovered their primarch, Lion El’Jonson, in Caliban, a cruel and densely forested planet where foul monstrosities had long stalked the dwindling human population.


Among the most fearsome war machines of the Imperium are the Knights, towering armoured figures piloted by nobles hailing from the ancient feudal Knight Worlds.

A picture of Sar Luther, Grand Master of Caliban. He's looking straight at the camera with a challenging expression. His right hand is wielding his shinning sword. The sword's blade is resting on his left hand. The background is a mixture of red, whine and orange tones. On the bottom corners, there are the Everguild and Warhammer official licensed product logos.

As always, the expansion concluded with 20 new neutral cards from Imperial Army, Mechanicum and Chaos, which were released on 4th December. Explore the whole set of cards that landed into the game with Angels of Caliban content expansion.

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